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The 2016 World

Welcome Message from the NSSF

Greetings Rimfire Fans:

On behalf of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, welcome to the 2016 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championships.

Everyone has been working hard to get ready to compete. From shooting local matches to traveling to different state events, the World Championships is the place to bring it all together. More importantly, it is a place to catch up with members of your shooting family whom you may not have seen since the last World Championship match at Old Fort in Arkansas. It is always good to see old friends and renew those bonds and enjoy what makes shooting so much fun; the relationships.

We could not do what we do without the support of our sponsors. Not just here, but at all of the state matches across the country. If you see any of them this weekend, please be sure to thank them for their support.

Jeff Blackwell, the match director, the Cavern Cove Competition Range and volunteer staff have been preparing long and hard on this event and we would like to offer them our thanks and congratulations. We truly appreciate their hospitality. It is going to be a great weekend.

Finally, thanks to each of you for making the trip to Woodville, Alabama to compete.

Have fun, stay safe and ring some steel!

Good luck to all!


Tisma E. Juett

NSSF - Manager, Recruitment & Retention

Welcome Message from the

Match Director

Hey Rimfire Shooters!

On behalf of Cavern Cove Competition Range, I want to welcome you to the 2016 National Shooting Sports Foundation Rimfire Challenge World Championship! We are so proud to host this event for you! Cavern Cove cannot host this match alone. We have several great Title Sponsors, Major Match Sponsors, Match, and Stage Sponsors, that are making this event possible. Please let our good friends know that you appreciate their great products, their thoughtfulness, and their generosity!

At Cavern Cove, we take great pride in the events that we host. I hope to visit with each of you during your time at Cavern Cove. With that being said, we want you to enjoy the match. All of the information you need is contained within this book. However, if there is anything that you need, please feel free to ask anyone of the match staff for help, myself included, and we will do our best to take care of you.

We hope that you enjoy the 2016 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship!


Jeff Blackwell

Match Director

Special Appreciation to:


Match Overview

We’ve put together a fun, exciting, and challenging match and hope that you all enjoy it. Above all, be safe and aware of your surroundings at all times. Please read, understand, and follow the rules and instructions shown in the following paragraphs. By doing so we can all have a lively, competitive experience and enjoy the company of friends, old and new.

Safety First!

The Competitors MUST at all times:

NOTE: Failure to comply will result in a stage warning. Two warnings on a single stage will result in a match disqualification.

Safety Meeting

All shooters and spectators must attend the safety meeting.

Competition Rules and Format

General Rules

  1. All handguns must be in hard or soft cases or gun rugs or some other storage transport container when brought to the shooting line and must be returned to the storage case/rug/container when removed from the shooting line. Holsters are NOT allowed.

  2. All rifles must be similarly bagged/stored in hard or soft cases.

  3. All firearms will be kept unloaded until the shooter is instructed to load by the RO at the shooting line.

  4. Range Officers (ROs) will hold timers in a position under the horizontal plane of the firearm that is best for recording shots. If shooter requests that timer be held away from optimal position, timer will be checked at end of string to be sure that all shots were recorded. If not all shots were recorded, the string will be discarded and the shooter will be asked to reshoot string.

  5. If the shooter is competing in the Open Class and an additional class, the Open Class will be shot first.

  6. Shooters must start with finger outside the finger guard.

  7. A Competitor who causes an unintentional discharge will be stopped immediately by a Safety Officer.

  8. Spectators and other shooters are not allowed to coach or call hits and misses (in the case of junior shooters that are under the age of 12, one adult is allowed to coach the shooter).

Disqualification and Expulsion Rules

  1. Failure to keep the finger outside the trigger guard while clearing a malfunction where the participant clearly moves the firearm away from aiming at targets will result in a match disqualification.

  2. Failure to keep the finger outside the trigger guard during loading, reloading or unloading, except while complying with the “Make Ready” command to lower the hammer of a gun without a decocking lever, or while initially loading a revolver with a spurless hammer, will result in a match disqualification.

  3. A competitor who sets down a loaded firearm without engaging the manual safety and removes their hand from the firearm will result in a match disqualification.

  4. A shot, which travels over a backstop, a berm or in any other direction, specified in the written stage briefing by the match organizers as being unsafe will result in a match disqualification.

  5. A shot which strikes the ground within 10 feet of the participant, unless as a result of a squib round, will result in a match disqualification.

  6. If at any time during the course of fire, a Competitor allows the muzzle of the firearm to point rearward, that is to break the "180 degree rule" as defined by the Safety Officer, the Competitor will be stopped immediately. Such an action will result in a match disqualification.

  7. If at any time during the course of fire, or while loading, reloading or unloading, a Competitor drops a firearm or causes it to fall, loaded or not, will result in a match disqualification. Dropped firearms must always be retrieved by a Safety Officer who will, after checking and/or clearing the firearm, place it directly into the Competitor's gun case or gun bag. Dropping an unloaded handgun or causing it to fall outside of a course of fire is not an infraction; however, a Competitor who retrieves a dropped gun will receive a match disqualification.

  8. A shot which occurs while loading, reloading or unloading a firearm will result in a match disqualification. This includes any shot fired after the “Make Ready” command is given but prior to the timer start “beep”, but does not include discharges due to a detonation while unloading.

  9. Handling a firearm at any time except when in a designated safety area or when under the supervision of, and in response to a direct command issued by, a RO, will result in a match disqualification.

  10. Handling live or dummy ammunition (including practice or training rounds, snap caps and empty cases), loaded magazines or loaded speed loading devices in a Safety Area, will result in a match disqualification.

  11. Allowing the muzzle of a firearm to point at any part of the participant’s body during a course of fire (i.e., sweeping) will result in a match disqualification.

  12. Using more than one handgun at any point in time during a course of fire, except when using single action revolvers in the Cowboy/Cowgirl Division, will result in a match disqualification.

  13. Failure to comply with RO commands will result in a warning. Two warnings of any kind on a single stage will result in a match disqualification.

  14. Using metal piercing, incendiary and/or tracer ammunition, and/or using any ammunition which has been deemed unsafe by a RO, will result in a match disqualification.

  15. Participants will receive a match disqualification for conduct that a Match Official deems to be unsportsmanlike. Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include, but are not limited to, cheating, dishonesty, failing to comply with the reasonable directions of a Match Official or any behavior likely to negatively impact the image of the sport. The Match Director will be notified of any such conduct as soon as possible.

  16. Other persons (non-participant) may be expelled from the range for conduct that a Match Official deems to be unacceptable. Examples of unacceptable conduct include, but are not limited to, failing to comply with the reasonable directions of a Match Official, interference with the operation of a course of fire and/or a participant's attempt thereof, and any other behavior impacting the safe management of the match.

  17. All persons are required to be in complete control both mentally and physically during matches. Safe performance by participants and officials at matches must not be affected by drugs (or alcohol) of any sort during matches. Any person who, in the opinion of the Match Director, is visibly under the influence of any substance and not able to function safely will be disqualified from the match and may be required to leave the range.

  18. Offensive or objectionable garments are not allowed on the range. Anyone wearing items deemed to be offensive or objectionable will be asked to change or leave the range facility. The Match Director will have final authority regarding garments deemed offensive or objectionable.



All Range Officers (RO) will use the same Range Commands as follows:

Score Card Instructions

You must submit your score card to the Score Keeper for the stage when you arrive to shoot the stage.

Scoring Summary

Division Descriptions

The following divisions will be awarded prizes, as summarized in the section “Awards to be Presented”. Please note and follow the rules for each division.

Limited Division
Award for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place

Open Division
Award for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place

Awards to be Presented

All prize distributions will be by lottery, including all firearms. Plaques will be presented to the top three (3) finishers in each of the following categories.

Open Limited

Open Lady Limited Lady

Open Youth Limited Youth

Open Junior Limited Junior

Open Senior Limited Senior

Limited Cowboy/Cowgirl

Limited Mechanical


The following pages describe the design of each of the stages in this competition. The map below indicates where each of the stages are located on the Cavern Cove Competition Range property.

Not so fast, dear shooters!

We’re not giving away the stage layouts prior to the World Match.

This edited version of the Shooter’s Handbook is being distributed so that you can familiarize yourself with the rules before arriving at the Cavern Cove Competition Range.

We don’t want you to be surprised by a rule that may prevent you from competing or expose you to match disqualification.

Pro Tip: Gun Bags

Please read the rules so we can all have an enjoyable, competitive experience.


Competitions such as this cannot exist without the financial and material support of the sponsors. These sponsors are the developers and manufacturers of products used in our sport which make our sport more enjoyable and competitive. Please take the time to thank their representatives when you see them and consider their products when you make purchases in the future.

To our sponsors: Thank you so much for your support!

NSSF Platinum Sponsor

NSSF Silver Sponsors

NSSF Title Match Sponsors

NSSF Major Match Sponsors

NSSF Match Sponsors

NSSF Stage Sponsors

NSSF Host Sponsors


To the Staff of the 2016 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship,

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has trusted us to conduct the largest Rimfire Challenge match in the world; and we have gladly taken on that effort. We have prepared for many months for the particular event, but we have prepared for many years to put on such events. It’s your experience, your motivation, and your technical expertise that allows us to conduct a match of this magnitude and to conduct it with integrity and professionalism that embodies the spirit of Cavern Cove.

Competitors will travel here from around the United States, and from around the world, to match their skills against the most skilled Rimfire shooters. It’s our task, our commitment, to provide those shooters and spectators with a match that tops all others. We will do that by presenting challenging stages, efficient scorekeeping, and a safe environment for the competitors and spectators.

It humbles me that you have let me lead this effort for you. I am sincerely grateful for your confidence, your professionalism, and your support. Because of who we are and what we represent, I know that we will provide our competitors with a great Rimfire Challenge World Championship!

With my sincerest appreciation,

Jeffrey A. Blackwell

Match Director